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Custom Website Design and Construction

With our custom designed websites, we can make the website look and function the way you like it.

  • First we meet and/or talk by phone to discuss the goals and scope of your project.  We discuss ideas you may have about how you want the web site to look, as well as what content you want on the site.
  • We give you a firm quote.  A 50% deposit is standard and work begins once the deposit is received
  • You choose a design and then we work together to modify that into exactly what you’re after.  You will have many opportunities to provide feedback, so you can be assured that you are getting the website that you want.
  • Once the general website look and functionality is established, the site is then coded and  the content we previously discussed is created.  This is also when we add functionality such as drop-down menus, slideshows, pictures and the written materials that you have provided.
  • Every website we build includes basic search engine optimization (SEO) to help boost your ranking in the search engines such as Google.
Domain Name Registration

The website’s domain name, also known as the web address is registered through separate companies called domain registrars.  If you currently have a domain name for your company, we will take care of being able to use it with the new site as well.  If you do not have a domain name, we will work with you to choose a name that customers can you use to find your website more easily, and then we will register that name for you.  Domain name fees range are $35 a year or lower

Website Maintenance

This is an area that our clients love.  Any website we design is owned by you. We generate what is knows as CMS sites, or Content Managed Systems.  Many of the updates that are necessary for a website require only a little training on using an editor that has a “Word” like interface.  You are welcome to perform these updates and modifications as you wish.


However, if you are busy running your business, then it may make more sense for you to simply pay to have your website updates done, rather than going through the learning curve required to maintain the site yourself. Website updates are billed at an hourly rate, with a minimum charge of 1/4 hour and we can arrange billing on a monthly or quarterly basis.  For most websites, routine updates generally do not amount to more than a couple hours each quarter.

Web site Hosting

Website hosts are companies that provide space on a server that has a dedicated connection to the internet.  This is where your website files reside in order to be accessible by the public.


We do not provide hosting services ourselves, but rather arrange these services with a reliable national website host.  Website hosting fees for a normal small business website are $15 – $20 a month.

We strongly suggest avoiding the “free” or reduced fee services, since these are often unreliable and may include irritating pop-up ads that distract your visitors from your own website.

Web Site Statistics

Once your website is live, you will want to find out how well your website is working for you.  There are a variety of website tracking service that record the number of visitors, what pages they read, as well as many other useful statistics.

Although optional, we recommend using one of these tracking services to gage just how well your website is performing.  You can find out, for instance, if your visitors tend to just glance at a particular page of your site rather than really studying the information.  Perhaps the conclusion would be that the material is not written in a way that captures your visitors attention, allowing you to determine whether you need to rewrite that particular section of material.

Good tracking services cost $5-$10 a month.  Free services are also available, although with less thorough information.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting your website listed with the search engines, such as Google and Bing, requires an in-depth knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  We offer standard search engine optimization for every website we create.


Search Engine optimization can be quite complex.  At its most basic level, it involves a properly coded website, well-written Meta tags (hidden html code), and keyword-rich text on the visible page.  For many sites, this “standard” SEO that we provide for all of my website clients is sufficient.


However, for some websites the goal may require much more advanced optimization. Search engine optimization involves skillfully integrating pertinent keywords into your text, enhancing the web site’s HTML code, increasing the incoming links from other web sites, and a variety of other factors.