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Smaller SBSSwebsites LogoSqSBSS Websites, a division of Small Business Support Services, is one of only a few companies that lease websites



What is a SBSS Leased website?

  • Our leased websites are premium websites. They are mobile friendly and multimedia (video, graphics and text).
  • They include an attention getting video spokesperson avatar that appear on the screen and tells your viewers that important information about your products and services is present on your website.
  • They include slide shows, videos, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, news feeds and other features usually only found on high end websites are included on the leased website.

Leasing one of our websites is like leasing a high end car.  You have control over the website and content18208758_s (1)


  • Maintenance and the hosting charges are included in the lease payment.
  • A SBSS leased website can pay for itself allowing your clients to conveniently review your products and services and purchase them online.


16522438_s (2)55 to 60% of your clients use the Internet to get information about products and services before they buy.  If these clients have to physical come to your store to get information, it is an inconvenience.  If the completion offers the information online, they have the edge.

Clients are also use to paying on line.  Even if your business sales services and products that are picked up or provided at your store, clients find it convenient to order and pay for the product or service online and having everything ready when they come in.


Here is how our leased website works:

  • You pay a $120.00 set up fee. Then, we present five templates or different website styles to choose from.
  • Once you select a style, we will review color schemes, text fonts and features with you. You will also be required to pay $180.00 or 3 months lease fees in advance.
  • After the end of the lease (a minimum of 12 months) the advance payment can be refunded or put toward the purchase of your website.
  • Generally the website may be purchased for one year’s lease of around $720.00

Next, you provide the text, images, video which is the content for your leased website:

  • We provide composition sheets for each section of the home page, product pages and e-commerce pages.
  • We also provide pages for you to upload the pictures and video you want to appear on your website.
  • We provide up to five hours of content design at no charge.
    • We can help you finalize the text, select the graphics or help put together a video.
    • We just ask that you thoroughly think through your requirements and give us a good out line and as much content as possible.
    • This will allow us to complete everything within the five hours allotted.
    • If you need more than five hours content design, the charge is $60.00 an hour.

Once the customization and content is completed, we will find the domain name (website address) that best fits your business.  This may take several tries since the domain name must be unique and cannot be already in use by someone else.  We will publish your website using the domain name and set up a business email address based on that domain name (i.e. [email protected]).

Websites are comprised of a platform (in your case WordPress), a theme and mini plug ins that provide features, like the slide shows, picture galleries, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, etc.

  • Each of this components are revised periodically to improve the functionality and to improve security and protect against hackers and malicious versus.
  • Our maintenance service applies the updates to the platform, theme and plug ins in a timely manner to protect your website and also to give you protection against claims of negligence should any client data be exposed.
  • Our maintenance service also backs up the data and content on your website weekly to assure that your data is not lost due to physical incidents or viruses or hackers.

Below is a list of the difference features or plug ins that is available on our leased websites:

Content Types Pages Other Available Features
Ø  Background texture or image

Ø  Picture Slide Show

Ø  Picture Gallery

Ø  Embedded Youtube or Vimeo Videos

Ø  High Resolution Pictures and Graphics

Ø  Blogs

Ø  Social Media Links

Ø  Text

Ø  Home page

Ø  Product Pages

Ø  About Us Page

Ø  Contact Us Page

Ø  Events Calendar

Ø  Amazon Affiliate Marketing Page – Earn Fees

Ø  News Letter Opt in Page

Ø  Customer Testimonials

Ø  Staff or Registered User only Pages


Ø  E-commerce –Allows customers to review and purchase products and services on line

Ø  Customized Web Spokesperson Avatar – Real attention getter

Ø  White Board and Impact Video production – People retain 58% more when they video versus reading text.



We will build an affordable website that is easy to update, user friendly and mobile friendly. We will combine our proprietary web tools and other graphic and video features to create the multi-media content that viewers prefer.  Your website will make it easy for viewers to order and/or purchase your products and services online.  Your website will improve customer service and satisfaction while increasing profitability.  Please view our portfolio to see some of the sites we have designed. Call 800-906-9759 to get started.