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Audio Text give viewers the option to hear the text rather than read it.  More and More viewer do not take time to read more that a sentence.  Viewer however find this feature interesting and novel.  You can keep the viewer interest because the viewer does not have to read the text.  Please see the sample below.  The Audio Text price is per 100 words or portion there of.  Please select the number of items that corresponds to the number of words.  For example if your text is 237 words, please select 3 audio text items.

We will build an affordable website that is easy to update, user friendly and mobile friendly. We will combine our proprietary web tools and other graphic and video features to create the multi-media content that viewers prefer.  Your website will make it easy for viewers to order and/or purchase your products and services online.  Your website will improve customer service and satisfaction while increasing profitability.  Please view our portfolio to see some of the sites we have designed. Call 800-906-9759 to get started.